Size325*146*81mm(Connector and Cable Excluded)
Connector Cable Length6M
Heat Dissipation FormAir Convection
IP LevelIP55
Installation TypePortable
Weight3KG(Connector and Cable Included)
StandardCNS 15511
Input100-240VAC,1o, MAX 15A, 60Hz
Output100-240VAC, 1o, MAX 10A, 60Hz
Connector TypeSAE J1772
Operating Temperature-30~50°C
Operating Humidity5~95%
Communication Interface
LED Indicatorstandby mode(Blinking Blue)
charging(Blinking Green)
fully charged(Solid Green)
Warning(Solid Red)
Voice Guidance
Card Reading Interface
Charging time
CollaboratorsYulon Energy Service Co.,LTD Etreego CO.,LTD
FeaturesThe portable charger provides a maximum power of 2.2KW power , with pratical design which allows you to secure the connector cable. You can easily store this device in any types of car trunk.

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Power Cable / Electronic Wire   
Magnetic Components  
Heat Sink   

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