ModelSwitching Power Transformer
FeaturesTransformers of models EI and EE are applied in a wide range and offer ahigh working frequency and wide range of working voltages plus strong output power and good ability in thermal stability。They have been widely used in program controlled switchboard、LCD many kinds of small sized electronic facilities and equipment。power supply、UPS inversion power supply、PC power supply as well as Transformers of models ER、ERL and ETD feature low wastage、a high output power、a wide range of working frequency、small temperature rise and stable performance,hence are widely used in program controlled switchboard、color TV power supply、display unit power supply、PC switching power supply、precision apparatus、equipment power supply and DVD powers supply etc。Transformers of models RM、EP、EFD and PQ feature a small magnetic leakage、a low wastage and a low distribute capacitance and thus are widely applied in fax machine and program controlled switchboard etc。
ApplicationsAvailable in models EI、EE、ER、ERT、ETD、EFD、EP、PQ、RM。

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