Complies With The Latest IntelATX12V
ModelGPM (B) Series
DimensionS:150*140*86mm (12cm Fan)
Meet Eup Requirements2010 / 2013
Efficiency400W / 450W / 500W / 550W / 600W / 650W / 700W ( 82% 85% 82%)
Input Frequency47Hz~ 63 Hz
Active PFCPower Factor : >0.9

Output Power400W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 30A 16A 16A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 360W 100W 12.5W 3.6W

Output Power450W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 34A 16A 16A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 408W 100W 12.5W 3.6W

Output Power500W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 38A 18A 18A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 456W 110W 12.5W 3.6W

Output Power550W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 42A 18A 18A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 504W 110W 12.5W 3.6W

Output Power600W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 46A 20A 20A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 552W 120W 12.5W 3.6W

Output Power650W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 50A 20A 20A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 720W 120W 12.5W 3.6W

Output Power700W
Voltage +12V +3.3V +5V +5VSB -12V
Max Load 54A 22A 22A 2.5A 0.3A
Combined Power 648W 130W 12.5W 3.6W

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