CWT's Headquarters are in charge of marketing,R&D and managment and located
in TaoYuan,Taiwan. In China,CWT has its subsidiary companies,CHANNEL WELL
TECHNOLOGY(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd. CHIA KWEI TRADING(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd
and NINGBO ISO ELECTRONIC CO.,Ltd. In Zhejiang Province in charge of its
products manufacturing,such as PC Power supplies,cell phone power supplies and
adapter.CWT is largest power supply manufacturer of desktop industry in the world.

-Welfare System
Reward system

Bonus-Offers a variety of bonuses to reward outstanding staff performance,the company will be based on profit level decision to pay the amount of individual performance.

Employee Bonus Plan

To thank the staff of the company's contribution, building strong bond and growth together with the company. We offer generous staff bonus system. It will base on company operating performance, team performance and individual performance to determine payment method

The subisldy

Domestic and foreign travel grants

Department dinner,food subsidies

Birthday gift cards

Annually to provide free healt checks colleagues

Marriage,birth,funeral sympathy

Improve education and training system

In-service education and traning(intemal and external training)

High quality training equipment and sites

Standards of working environment and individual safety for employees

CWT implements a strict security system to ensure employee's safety being controlled. Our company requests regular inspections of the building which includes every exits, floors, ventilation, lightings, fire/disaster prevention related equipment and other safety related systems. Also, we held time to time safety propaganda lectures to raise the employee's safety awareness.

Items Content

Access security

Securities hired to ensure building's safety 24/7.

Maintenance and inspection of equipment

1.Entrust third party to performannualfire safety inspection。

2.Regular maintenance and inspection for drinking fountains, air conditioners, fire-fighting equipment by designated vendors.Mileages based inspection on cars。

Health Check and Office Environment

1.Held regular employee annual health examination.

2.No smoking within the building and ,cleaning/ disinfecting routine of the office environment.

Improve the welfare system

Senior executive dedicated parking

Spacesaff car and motorcycle parking

Employee’s Lounge

Comfortable working environment

End of thg year end banquet lottery prize

Comprehensive insurance plan and Retirement system

Labor insurance,health insurance Staff free against accidental medical service life insurance Implementation of retirement system status- following R.O.C. Labor Standard Act and Labor Pension Statutes- Includes:

1.Labor Standard Act (old system): The Company pays the retirement fund to an account of “Bank of Taiwan” every month according to the employee’s gross salary.

(1)Employee whom on board before 2005/7/1 (not includes), has to choose between “Labor Standard Act” and “Labor Pension Statutes” in 5 years starting from 2005/7/1 according to personal needs. If the employee does not choose within the time limit, its retirement system will automatically follow the “Labor Standard Act”.

(2))The employee can apply for retirement under any of the below conditions:

a.Been served the company for 15 years or above and meet the age of 55.

b.Been served the company for 25 years or above.

c.Been served the company for 10 years or above and meet the age of 60.

(3))Pension system: one pension unit will base on the average of the total salary per month, 6 months prior to retirement. Depending on years of service, every complete year will be given two pension units. After 15 years of service, every complete year will be given one pension unit. Each employee has up to 45 pension units.

2.Labor Pension Statutes (new system): The Company pays the retirement fund to an account in the Bureau of Labor Insurance every month according to the employee’s gross salary.

(1))Employee who on board after 2005/7/1(includes) will follow “Labor Pension Statutes”.

(2))6% will be withdrawn from the salary every month to the personal account in the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

(3))Employee who applies higher withdrawn percentage can be deducted from monthly salary to the personal account in the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

(4))Employee who follows “Labor Pension Statutes” will receive retirement pension according to his/her age of retirement, years of service and methods of payment according to the state of law.

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